Cho Hakkai - Saiyuki

Made In: 2010
Status: active


Honestly one of my favorite costumes to wear, because it's super-comfortable and gets recognized a lot. Plus, I usually don't bother with a wig unless I've done something really crazy with my regular hair.



Olive green and black kona cotton, using a pattern I drafted really quickly over a loose t-shirt I had. There's some hidden hooks and eyes to keep the collar and front closed nicely. It turns out doing inset mitered corners is a huge pain, and I'm not entirely happy with the final results, but it was a learning experience.


Jeep actually came first, made for a knitting challenge on Ravelry. I free-handed the pattern, but he's basically a long tube that bulges out and back in for his body, with a craft fur 'mane' sewn on top. He has aluminum wire running inside him, which makes him posable. The shoulder cloth he perches on is just a piece of unbleached cotton canvas I tied at the bottom.


A pair of dollar store reading glasses, with the left side cut off at the nosebridge, and the right earpiece unscrewed. I ended up popping the lens out because it makes the whole thing lighter, and cheap lenses don't have anti-glare coating, so they frequently actually look worse in photos. I keep it on with either some spirit gum or a piece of double-sided fashion tape across the nosebridge.