Elizabeth - Gintama

Made In: 2018
Status: active


Partially because I wanted to try my hand at a giant costume, and partially because I promised Andy that if she ever finished Zura, I would make Elizabeth. The reactions I got were worth how much I sweated in it.



The main body is inch and a half upholstry foam, with a half-inch foam for the arms. I attached a layer of thin swimsuit-liner to the outside, because the foam was black, and also proved to be extremely 'grabby' because of the texture.

Skin + Feet

Outer skin is super-wide white Minky, which was a little fussy to fit over the top of the head because it's only 2-way stretch. The beak and feet are Eva foam, painted with Angelus leather paint. The beak is glued onto the skin, while the feet are designed to fit over canvas slip-ons.


Andy made this out of cardboard, whiteboard vinyl, and a soundbox intended for plush toys (so I can press a button on the handle and have it make the anime sound effect). Basically amazing.