Gambit - X-Men [ Genderswap AU ]
Made In: 2014
Status: active
This was originally made in 2014 for a Genderswap X-Men shoot at Dragon*Con. Not a whole lot of in-progress shots, owing to how simply it was put together.
This is made out of the most inadvisable materials ever, especially if you're going to be wearing it in Atlanta in 90F heat. The exterior is made of 4-way stretch PVC, the interior is jersey knit. There is a zipper up the back. Is it the best thing I have ever made? No. Does it exude 90s comic book vibes? Yup.
These were made from Green Pepper pattern's Willemet Racing suit, which I've used a bunch of times. I split the pattern in half and then worked out how I needed to do the color blocking on the top for the blue area, and on the stripes on the outside of the legs. Everything is made from spandex. The black lines on the top are just sharpied on, because in all my tests, that was what ended up looking the best. I blocked the areas out with masking tape and just colored it in.
The jacket was store-bought. I went with a shorter jacket for my design because I knew it was going to be hot and also because I didn't want to just recreate the original. The shoes are silver wedge platform sneakers because those are much more comfortable than weird metal boots while still looking appropriately silly. The headband is just made from spare spandex. The gloves were made using the hand turkey method, minus a couple of fingers, for maximum 90s cool. The bo staff it made from spray painted PVC pipe with internal fittings that makes it look fairly seamless, but still comes apart to fit in a suitcase. (It's also the base for Gojyo's weapon, because why not reuse?)