Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin [Live Action Movie ]

Made In: 2014
Status: active


Kenshin was my first foray into samurai series, and when the live action movies came out, I decided to finally go ahead and make a costume--the slightly more subdued colors appealed to me more than making a fuchsia kimono ever did. And while I don't usually let the fact that I'm short as hell (5' 2") stop me from cosplaying whoever I want, I admit, sometimes it's nice dressing up as someone who's canonically equally vertically challenged.


Kimono & Juban

These were both made from quilting cotton from Joann Fabrics. I really got lucky with them, the subtle patterning on both matches very well with the screen-worn outfits. The only down side is that the grey is only printed on the right side of the fabric, so I actually had to face the sleeve openings to keep the white back side from showing. Both use the kimono pattern from Make Your Own Japanese Clothes by John Marshall.


Made using Round Earth's hakama pattern, using Kona cotton. The fabric presses very nicely, but I do wish I had top-stitched the inside pleats. Ironing hakama are a pain in the butt.


Wooden sword from Swordnarmory.com. I sanded down the blade, which had been painted black, and refinished it with silver Rub 'n Buff. Sadly, it is not a reverse blade, but maybe some day...