Jade Curtiss - Tales of the Abyss

Made In: 2016
Status: draft


What's not to love about this troll? At least from my point of view. I had bought a wig for this years before and put it off for a while before deciding to just go for it. It was interesting playing around with something a little more tailored than a lot of the kimono I usually make.


Jacket + Cape

Largely just freehand drafted, starting with some giant rectangles, because the pattern of the front lapels is basically insane. The fabric is a cotton twill, which went through several rounds of dyeing to get the teal color just right. The trim is the same twill, pre-dyeing, turned into many yards of handmade bias trim so that the fabrics matched nicely. Buttons are solid metal and came from a Revolutionary War re-enactment supplier of all places - all the modern styles were too small and/or made entirely out of plastic. The cape has super-heavy interfacing in it to keep it's nice blocky shape when worn, and it attaches with buttons hidden on the inside of the collar.