Leone Abbacchio - JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind
Made In: 2019
Status: active
Andy dragged me into JJBA hell, and here we are
Jacket + Pants
Started life as a Simplicity Matrix-knockoff pattern, modified to give it a different neckline and front and those tight-tight sleeves. There's no front opening - it pulls on and off, because it's made of a stretch suiting. The lacing is spandex, so that it'll stay taut without pulling the sides out of shape. The gold trim on the pockets and front corners is made out of Thibra, painted gold to match the belt and lacing grommets. They're held on with double-sided fashion-tape most of the time, so they can be taken off to wash the jacket. Pants are my basic pants pattern modified to be boot-cut, as a way to split the difference between the scenes where the pants look incredibly loose, and the ones where they look incredibly tight.
Black worbla molded over a wig head padded out with modeling clay to be slightly closer to my actual head size. I then cut the points into it and painted it, first with a filler-primer, and then with Angelus leather paint, so it can flex without cracking. There are flexible combs glued on the underside so it can hook into a wig easily.
Deserve a mention because of how terrible they are. Started life as a pair of non-descript, inoffensive brown loafers. The raised center detail is some scrap leather, folded over itself to make a nice round top and then glued into place. The decorations at the top were 3D printed by Andy, and then sealed with XTC-3D, sanded, and glued in place. Then the entire thing was painted with several coats of purple Angelus to really give them that 'pimp shoes' look, because Araki makes extremely dubious footwear choices for his characters.
Andy 3D-printed the 'buckle', and I finished and painted it. The strap is more of the purple spandex that was used for the lacing on the jacket, so it also just slips on.
Epic Cosplay Scylla in silvery-grey. The end-flips are an ungodly amount of hairspray and styling gel, and have to be redone every three or four wears when the underside of the wig gets too tangled and needs to be completely re-straightened and restyled.