Moody Blues - Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
Made In: 2019
Status: active
Sometimes, you just wanna be sexy androgynous bondage robot, and you don't care if you're going to massively overheat while doing so.
drafting this involved a lot of making portions of the body out of a secondary polyester spandex according to my regular bodysuit pattern, putting them on, and then drawing all the seam lines on in sharpie to create templates for the final version. Dimensionality is achieved with a combo of 10mm EVA foam and 0.5" open-cell upholstery foam, usually with the open cell foam on top to soften out the edges. The foam is sandwiched between the outer fabric (heavy matte grey polyester moleskin spandex) and inner panels of nylon mesh (to try and keep from overheating). The speakers are formed out of thermoplastic wrapped around a mold created by making a plaster copy of a 3d print - they then have foam and fabric glued on top before being sewn into the main body.
Realistically the only way to achieve the translucent, seamless look Moody Blues has would be with latex. However, that is a good way to 1) overheat and 2) potentially suffocate yourself (as it covers the face), so I made do with a light purple glistenette spandex instead.
So the forehead display is SUPPOSED to work, with the shoulder speakers being real speakers with a bluetooth input. The knuckles on one hand are soft buttons, with conductive wire running up inside the arm to a Raspi 0 hidden in the chest. Unfortunately I accidentally blew out the amp chips on the board for the speakers the week before the con, and then managed to rip some of the control wiring in the process of trying to get everything on in time for the JJBA group photoshoot at Katsucon 2019, so there are no actual functional photos.