Noriaki Kakyoin - Jojo's Bizarre Adventures - Stardust Crusaders [ Summer Vacation AU ]
Made In: 2019
Status: active
Atlanta is hot. Time for a stupid summer vacation AU, where there's a lot less murder and a lot more exasperated group activities with jiji.
This is a modified version of Simplicity's 8427 Men's Shirt Pattern by Mimi G. I've used this one a lot, it's very versatile and goes together quick. The fabric is a quilting cotton. I spent a lot longer than I'd care to admit trying to find the perfect cherry print for this. The buttons are vintage, found on Etsy.
Everything Else
The shorts came from Amazon, as did the cherry earrings. The hideous sunglasses are actually tinted safety glasses that just happen to have the peak 80s vibe. The terrible loafers are actually my shoes for Bruno, minus the tiny zipper pulls. The wig is a Cady from Arda that Coca resized and styled for me.