Rohan Kishibe - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [Millionaire Village]

Made In: 2019
Status: active


This was a quick costume for Dragon*Con 2019, for the big Jojo's photo shoot, because Atlanta at the tail end of August is too hot for Italian mobsters.



This is just a strip of craft foam, about 4mm thick, cut to shape and painted with Angelus paint.


You can buy versions of Rohan's earrings, but I made mine by supergluing some actual pen nibs to some gold threader earrings.


Made out of white jersey knit I already had, using an adapted version of the tunic pattern in the Hero's Closet cosplay book. The hardest part was sitting there cutting all the slits in it, honestly. Te pen nibs on the shoulder are made from two layers of a gold pleather I had left over from Tsurumaru, spray glued together. They're not permanently attached, they just hold on with fashion tape, so the shirt stays washable. The Pen Nib decorations on the front of the shirt are 3d prints which were sanded, filled, primed, and spray painted gold. They pin to the front of the shirt for easy removal.


These were premade linen-blend pants. The originally had a drawstring, I removed it and recycled it to make belt loops.

Belt, Bracelet, Necklace

The belt was premade, I just added an appropriate buckle and added some grommets for holes. The necklace and bracelet are both a combination of finished 3d prints and leather I already had on hand.