Rohan Kishibe - Jojo's Bizarre Adventures [confessional]
Made In: 2019
Status: active
A comfortable warm-weather costume for Dragon*Con, which is always deathly hot.
Sleeveless top from Simplicity 5343, with the bust-darts removed and cropped (because Rohan loves his crop tops). Fabric is a blue linen blend I got for cheap which is very comfortable. The pen nibs are Thibra, molded over a round PVC pipe and then cut out before being painted. They have a button glued on the back for attachment, plus a giant hook glued by the tip so they actually function as closures. The large round buttons are button cover kits covered with Thibra instead of fabric (major galaxy brain moment there), and then painted.
The same blue linen blend, using a custom drafted pants base. The brass studs are intended to be used in leather or denim, and would only stay put in the lighter fabric if I bent the points outwards instead of inwards, and I ended up having to carefully slip-stitch the seam allowance over the points on the inside of the pants so they didn't gouge me. I hate that they have built-in boot covers (thanks, Araki), but at least there are pockets.
The headband is craft foam and cheap fabric paint and badly needs touch-up, but has enough give to slip on even in a permanent loop. The belt is a yellow nylon webbing belt from Amazon that I painted the black bits onto. Pen nib earrings are a pair of actual calligraphy nibs glued onto plain gold threader earrings. The wrist cuff pen nib is another calligraphy nib, and the main cuff is blue linen with a black spandex edging and wide waistband elastic on the back so it's stretchy enough to slip on and off. The big galaxy brain moment was to stitch the spandex edging on top of the linen, and then cut out the triangles, because spandex doesn't fray while linen does.