Rufus Shinra - Final Fantasy 7

Made In: 2010
Status: retired


This had been on my to-do list for a while, before I finally managed to live the dream of Rufus and a full classic Turks group.



White cotton twill, pattern frankensteined from one of the many women's pants patterns I have (so unfortunately, no pockets). Still, one of my first pairs of well-fitting pants, which is a huge accomplishment.

Suit Coat

Also cotton twill. I modified a Vogue double-breasted pea coat pattern (V7988) to have patch pockets and fewer seamlines. Also contains some of the most 80s shoulder pads I've put in a costume.

Under Coat

There's no real additional references indicating whether this is meant to be a full second jacket, or more of a long vest, and while I've seen fanartists go both ways, I opted for 'long vest' because I overheat easily, and sleeves are both a pain to put in and to layer without restricting arm movement. I frankensteined McCall's 2796, which is a long tunic-style dress pattern, to have a front opening and welt pockets.