Sha Gojyo - Saiyuki
Made In: 2017
Status: active
Completed for Anime Boston 2017. Most of this costume was purchased or already owned--I've owned the leather coat for almost 20 years, and refinished it for this costume. Most of the effort was spent on making the shakujou, which breaks down for easy packing.
Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Headband
Bought from various locations. The shirt had the sleeves taken off and the sides taken in slightly. The rest of the items are unaltered.
Leather bomber jacket, refinished with an application of mink oil to waterproof it. It's beat to hell, but works well for this costume.
Arda Buttercup Silky in Garnet. The part was moved to the center, and the front portion of the wig trimmed down slightly.
The pole portion is made from two 2-foot sections of PVC piping, held together with an internal coupler. Both ends were patterned out in Inkscape, scaled, and printed as a paper template. A styrene core was cut for either piece to provide rigidity, and then layered with EVA foam. A rotary tool was used to sand the final shapes, and everything was heat-sealed and painted with Angelus leather paint. Brackets were made using styrene, glued into external PVC couplers, and chicago screws were used to attach the ends to the brackets.
Hi Lites carton
A reference image was found online, and used to make a printable logo and printed on sticker paper. The carton was cut from a template on the Cameo. Stickers were applied and the carton glued. A piece of soft foam occupies most of the interior to protect against crushing, leaving room for a few fake cigarettes. The whole box was wrapped in clear cellophane.