Sticky Fingers - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind

Made In: 2020
Status: active


Okay, this is really an accessory and not a full costume. I get to avoid doing a full-on Stand cosplay thanks to Bruno's habit of just swapping parts of himself with Sticky Fingers.


Glove & Forearm

This is just a basic turkey-hand glove, sewn with a zigzag stitch. The forearm is a padded cone. Getting this right was simple on paper, but in practice ended up being a bit of a hassle. This is because the right sides of this fabric (one of the Yaya Han branded 4-way stretch cosplay fabrics from JoAnn Fabrics) will not glue to itself for love or money. There ended up being a lot of hand sewing involved in this to get things attached. It holds together via two flaps that overlap and use velcro to hold the whole thing shut. It needs to be able to open and close because it actually goes over the arm of the suit I made for Bruno. The fabric has a really cool iridescent effect, so in the end, the frustration was worth it.

Padded Armor

These parts were drafted by trial and error, mostly. The big consideration here was making room in the forearm armor to hold the electronics components. The underside has a zipper that can be used to access the interior. The fabric for this is the same as the glove and forearm, but in white. There's upholstery foam used to create the padded effect, and to help it keep its shape. The hand padding was tricky because, as previously mentioned, it's impossible to really glue anything to this fabric and it has to be flexible (if it was rigidly attached, the glove wouldn't stretch to go on and off the hand). In the end, it got attached using round velcro dots. The zipper pull was created using the same method as the ones on Bruno's suit.

Sound Effects

Sticky Fingers uses a Hallowing from Adafruit to play movement activated sound effects. The components are hidden in the white padded forearm piece, which can hold both the Hallowing, battery, speaker and an on/off switch.