Takashi ''Shiro' Shirogane - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Casual]

Made In: 2018
Status: active


A last-minute addition to my Dragon*Con line-up, because after marathoning VLD S7 I just had a lot of Shiro feelings, okay. I thought that this was going to be a relatively easy costume to make but forgot that in space, everything has geometric detailing, and if you don't get those lines and angles just right, it's really noticeable.



Black 2-way stretch denim, because I wanted something with a little more heft and texture than just spandex, but it still had to be form-fitting. This would have been easier with 4-way stretch, I think - I ended up having to do several goes at the area around the knees to eliminate wrinkling and extra fabric. The 'kneepads' have a layer of foam spacer underneath for a little extra effect. Very loosely based on Simplicity 8212, and then just... a lot of fitting on myself. So much.


A light-weight cotton-rayon knit. I basically just traced a tight-fitting shirt I already owned onto the fabric and went from there..

Belt + Belt Pouches

The belt is dark grey nylon webbing and a metal buckle from Amazon. Ends were heat-sealed and I just hand-sewed the edges together where necessary. Pouches are marine vinyl with magnetic closures, and are held onto the webbing with Chicago screws. I initially sized them to fit my cellphone at a minimum but 1) lost some space when I realized I had to do top-stitched seams to make the pouch stay square and 2) forgot that my everyday phone case is smaller than my con phone case. Sigh.


A 4-way stretch foam spacer fabric, which I snagged the last yard of at Spandex House on an NYC trip. It looks great, and gives the effected I wanted - thicker but still stretch enough to be form-fitting - but it turns out to be a pain to work with - the cut edges of the inner foam are really itchy, and it has a tendency to shift a lot when you try to sew it. I started with a pattern for a Chinese-style top I had around and just left off the sleeves and altered the front to be a zipper close. Collar patches were machine-embroidered onto a black twill and then hand-sewed on, because I am not organized enough to have remembered to embroider them before I cut the collar out. The side Vs are handsewn on, out of gray spandex and are not, unfortunately, pockets.


The one bit I knew was going to be tricky. I had a friend help me make a duct-tape pattern on my arm, and then used that to cut out EVA foam pieces, which where then covered in Thibra. The glove for the hand part is left-over material from the vest. It's painted with about ten coats of automotive filler-primer, with lots of sanding.


Arda's Kyle in Deep Brown/Grey. I cut the top short, and then ripped out a wedge-shaped section of wefts at the center front, and replaced them with some silver wefts harvested from some wigs I'm not using any more.