Toshii - Homestuck [fantroll AU]

Made In: 2016
Status: active


Someone said 'let's do a fantroll group for Katsucon Barstuck!' and I said 'sure!', except the closest Andy and I have to fantrolls is Homestuck AU fanart of our cyberpunk AU of Peacemaker Kurogane, because that's precisely the kind of trash we are. The lovely art was comissioned from roachpatrol, because they draw the most fantastic trolls.



Cheap black Gildan t-shirt with the arms chopped off to make a muscle shirt. I screenprinted the sign/crest on the front because I cannot paint circles that smoothly freehand.


FreeForm Air over a wire frame, which I then sanded and painted. Possibly my best attempt at dry-brushing so far, and led to a lot of great 'fantastic rack' jokes.

Robot Arm

Mostly craft foam and Thibra, with polystyrene for the finger segments. The paint job is what really sells this, and that comes from instructions in Volpin Props' wonderful painting and weathering book.