Tsurumaru Kuninaga - Touken Ranbu

Made In: 2017
Status: active


Completed for Anime Central 2017



Pattern based on traditional haori pattern, with altered sleeves and hood based on design included with the character design sketches. Kona cotton, fully lined.


Loosely based on traditional hakama pattern, modified to tie just below the knee. Outside white panels are separate squares of fabric which tie at waist and at the knee. Kona cotton.

Gloves, Wristbands

.Made from black and white spandex.

Lower Leg Covering

Made from black spandex and 4-way stretch gold vinyl. Made from a pattern drawn onto an old sock and transferred to paper.


Made from sintra, heat formed over a 5-gallon bucket, painted with black and gold lacquer paints, laced with gold paracord. Top panels made from EVA foam. Ties around waist with a belt hidden under obi.


Stiffened with buckram. Velcros in the back. Kona cotton.


Wood practice sword from Swordnarmory.com. Blade sanded, silver rub n' buff applied. Scabbard stripped and painted with white lacquer. Scabbard decorations made from Thibra. Handle stripped, gold flowers made from Sculpey Bake & Bend, with gold powder finish. Tsuba made by Cocoa,

Gold 'Chain' and Pompom

Faux gold chain and tassels made from gold lamé goatskin cut on Silhouette Cameo, glued into a chain. Pompom made from white yarn.