Ukitake Jyuushirou - Bleach
Made In: 2010
Status: retired
My favorite Bleach captain! And one of the few times I've actually cosplayed from something popular, while it was still popular. I threw both this and the matching Kyouraku together in about a month, because I can make kimono in my sleep at this point.
Kimono and Hakama
As usual, kimono from Making Your Own Japanese Clothes and hakama from Round Earth Publishing. They're both cotton twill, and because these are more utilitarian outfits, I opted to make the kimono half-length, so they're easier to fit under the hakama, and topstitched the hakama pleats, so they'd stay nice and crisp.
White cotton sateen, with a red poly lining (as per the manga character profiles, which lists the lining colors for all the captains' haori). The pattern is modifed fairly heavily from the haori pattern in Making Your Own Japanese Clothes, to account for the fact that it's roughly twice as long as traditional haori. The back emblem and bottom edge designs were handpainted.