Vash - Trigun Stampede
Made In: 2023
Status: draft
Katsucon 2023, Sunday:
friend: I really want to cosplay Meryl's new outfit, it's cute.
me: You absolutely should, it is.
Andy: I could do Wolfwood, he basically dresses like I do already.
me, a fool: In that case, I could do Vash!

And thus here I am, doing Trigun cosplay in 2023.
Started life as Green Pepper's Men's Coast Range Anorak (GP126) because it was cheap and I liked the hood and collar shape, and then recut fairly substantially over the course of two mockups to have set-in sleeves instead of Raglan ones, and to move or eliminate most of the body seams. It's made out of 2-ply Ultrex waterproof fabric, because I decided if I was going to do a techwear design I might as well make it genuinely techwear. Lining is a dark teal wicking athletic polyester interlock, in the hopes of not turning into a puddle of sweat too badly. I designed the patches off references, and then embroidered them before gluing on to the jacket. The collar 'closure' is 3D-printed in PLA and painted, and the absurd zipper comes care of Amazon. It's also got pockets hidden in the side seams, which, being made of interlock, are stretchy enough to fit an entire ham and cheese sub in them. Which feels appropriate for Vash.