Wang Yuanji - Dysnasty Warriors [ Dynasty Warriors 8]
Made In: 2015
Status: active
This costume has been a struggle. I'm still not happy with... basically any portion of it, and I've already remade parts of it once. But I haven't given up on it, I'm going to get it right, one of these days...
Base fabric is a crepe suiting. I was really lucky to find anything in this color that wasn't satin, or didn't need to be hand dyed. The dark blue portions are satin, and have been appliqued to the coat. The gold trim is also satin. All of the gold detailing beside that is either fabric paint or satin-stitching.
Based on a sundress pattern. The symbol on the chest was done with a painstakingly cut out freezer paper stencil (this was before I had the Cameo) and the skirt hem involved a lot of piecing lace together to get the points. It ended up being way too long, so I eventually took the whole skirt off the bodice, shortened it from the waist end, and put it back on. Now I have plans to replace the bodice completely with something that will stay up better on its own, but I'm definitely going to try and reuse the skirt portion...
The soft tulle underskirt was bought from Amazon, and then the gold striping was added with a paint pen. I was sort of running out of time, to be honest... It's definitely one of the parts I want to fix.
Hair Ornament
This is probably my favorite part of the costume, to be honest. The flower portion was made of some blue lining fabric following a Youtube tutorial on how to make kanzashi. The other portion is made from thin craft foam painted with craft acrylics. There's a bobby pin glued into it to fasten it to the wig.
Black pumps from Payless that I painted with Angelus leather paints. They're missing the decorative front panel because, as previously mentioned, I was running out of time.
Throwing knives
These were made with three layers of thin craft foam, painted with craft paint. Up close, they're not the best, but from a distance, they look pretty good.